Stine Poole Furniture

This is a website that I developed a few years ago, right before HTML5 was finalized for mass consumption on the web.  Somewhere around 2014.  I had set up some code to run sound files that did not use the current audio specifications for HTML5 and that code fell apart, and became fully deprecated, sometime after we completed the site.  I went back in to look at this site recently and saw the results of that problem.  All the sound files played on page load and all at once.  It was a mess, so I rewrote the code and set it up to run using the HTML5 audio specifications.  Additionally, this old JavaScript and jQuery code used inline events within the HTML to call the functions, vs using the document.getElementById method.  I only reworked the audio section, there was some mouseover events that I left as is.  This site was designed by my sister in law, Lois Harrington, and was not set up to be responsive, however it was set up to work on iPad’s at the time.  Currently it does look decent on most modern phones, if you look at it in landscape mode.