After Effects: Jazz History

This project was intended to be a small advertisement or advert that could be used on television.  My concept was to create a PBS documentary advert that would ONLY be used on PBS to talk about an upcoming show.  This gave me more leeway on my timing.  Normal TV ads need to be shorter and stick to their timing very tightly.  15, 30 or 60 seconds are typical time lengths for these types of ad segments.  However, PBS tends to show many different length adverts for their promotions.  I have seen ads that are over 5 minutes long.

This had to have a password on it because it uses known music that could be interpreted as a violation of copyright laws.  I see it as fair use and it is for educational purposes but decided to password protect it as a precaution.  If you want to see it you will need to contact me to ask for the password.  Please let me know who you are and why you want to see it.  Thanks!