Animate: Sous Vide

This project is an HTML5/Canvas animation and was supposed to be a small four or five page stand alone website that linked back and forth to the various webpages within it.  The main trick here is to get it to start and stop along the timeline where you want it to.

Every single one of my pages has a start entry cell and then it runs for awhile before I have a stop placed in there.  I use a goto and run rule for my linkage, then use the timeline stop entry to stop it.  Hope that makes sense.

One important point to make about this project is that it is NOT built to be responsive.  The page still is responsive, but the animation within it is added to the page in an iFrame, so when you look at it from within a mobile device, the animation will appear to be cut off.  It is too wide for the mobile device.  We didn’t have time to make this thing mobile, so it is what it is.

Sous Vide is a cooking method that utilizes vacuum bags and water immersion.  I have had great luck with it at home.