Illustrator: Logo’s


This was an Illustrator project that required us to complete a single logo for ourselves.  I started working on it and came up with a few ideas.

The first logo listed is supposed to indicate a layered pyramidal structure with a crystal ball over the top of it.  For me it is a representation of stability and the ability to project into any problems that need to be solved.  From there you have an iterative approach between design and development.

The second logo, is more basic.  Code, from the beginning to the end.  There is an end point, and it is concise.  The concept for me is that code is precise and it just works. It’s simple.

The third one is something that my teacher and I started talking about.  I was playing with the concept of showing the relationship between design and development within a jQuery statement.  The basic jQuery statement can be summed up as “get something” then “do something”.  So, you get something on a webpage that is a design element and you do something to it, you develop it.  The 0’s and 1’s below design and development are binary code and spell out those words in binary language.  Only a coding geek would even get it, it was fun and I am working on places to use it.