Premiere: Hummingbird

We had this hummingbird nest on our balcony a few years ago and we watched the whole process as close as we could.  I took a number of videos with an old Android phone that I owned.  They are not as good as newer videos because they had very poor stabilization and even poorer optics.  But it was still a very cool event to witness.  The hanging wind ball gizmo was a gift from a family member.  It can spin like a whirling dervish.  It absolutely amazed us that a mama hummingbird chose this place for her nest.  In the end, all we were able to witness was two baby birds leave the nest.  We know there were at least three to start, so one must have fallen out somewhere along the way.

I had tried to pull all these short videos together in the past, but never could quite figure out how to get Premiere Pro to work well enough to get them working.  Finally figured it out while taking IMCP.  The music I used was assigned by the teacher, the whole class had to use the same music.

Hope you like the video.