Played around with the style sheet today

Simple stuff, just making adjustments in the style.css file while using Firebug to pin down the changes I wanted to make.

I am trying to figure out how to keep the html from getting stripped out of the biographical info area.  Seems to be a problem for a number of people.  There used to be a plugin that helped with this but it is gone since the upgrade to 2.8 and beyond.

It is not as much of a problem since I figured out how to have all the pages show the full text in every post, on every page.

The developers of this program really want you to have to click on each post and go to it’s singular listing to read it in full.  I didn’t really want that, because I feel like a blog post should just have a little bit of information and then move on to a new post.  If you have something that will take a lot of content, you can create a unique page, rather than a post and then you can just link that page in your menu system.

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