Tranferred and set up the site on a local server

LinuxSo, today I exported the database from my remote server and then imported it to my local server.

FTP’d all the files to my local server, went into the wp-config.php file and changed the settings that had site url in them.  Changed those to localhost.  Had to go into the wp-options table in the database and change some settings there.

I may have to update this, can’t quite remember all the settings I had to play with but after a few tweaks the site started working locally.  Cool!

Next step was to interface the site on my testing server with Dreamweaver.  That was working pretty well except that the dynamic linking was not working and kept telling me that my server setup was incorrect.  It turns out that you have to be sure that the Permalink settings are set to default.  Not the best thing for SEO but a requirement for Dreamweaver to follow all the dynamic links.

And WOW!!  You should see the dynamic linking files that open up when you open the homepage!!  Amazing, around 100 other pages are dynamically linked when you follow them down the chain of command.

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