Finally Purchased Our New Smart Phones

Samsung Galaxy S2 SkyrocketWe were dead set on buying a Galaxy S2 a few months ago, but after they took so much time to release that product, we decided to wait and see what would hit the market by Thanksgiving. I ended out getting the newest upgrade of the Galaxy S2, which is called Skyrocket. The biggest improvements over the first release is they upped the dual processor speed from 1.2 GHz to 1.5 GHz, they added the LTE network capability, they upped the screen size from 4.3 to 4.5 inches and the battery was upgraded from a Li-ion 1650 mAh battery to a Li-ion 1850 mAh battery.

iPhone4sI will be using this Android, but we also picked up a new iPhone 4S for my wife. This is her first smart phone and she is really looking forward to having it to learn about. I picked them up both yesterday. After a few fiasco’s and more than 3 hours at different stores, I had them in my clutches. Being familiar with the iPhone, it was pretty easy setting my wife’s phone last night. It took me a few hours this morning figuring out how to connect the Android to my computer and syncing to my music files. Still have a few things to figure out but it’s fun to play around with it and figure some of this stuff out.

Next is to start tinkering with Smart Phone websites and apps.

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