Androids and iPhones

So, we have been playing around with our iPhone 4S and our Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket cell phones and discovered a real bad problem.

The driver for the Android that allows it to communicate with the PC through the USB hub has completely shut all our Apple products down! None of them can connect to our PC anymore! We have three iPods and a couple of iPhones. I had connected them all before I set up the Android, so I know they worked just fine. Plus, even my old iPhone, which worked perfectly for 3 years, cannot connect anymore.

I went by our local AT&T shop and asked them about it, they were having the same problem. They said they were talking with Samsung but had not yet found a solution. I went home and called AT&T tech support, each department was baffled and kept moving me up the chain. After a few attempts, they moved me over to Samsung. This is where it got really interesting. The first Samsung technician talked with me for awhile, wasn’t sure what to do so he put me on hold to talk with his manager. The manager was baffled and told his tech to move me up the chain to a “Level 3” technician. I asked him for the direct number, he said he couldn’t give it to me and would just transfer me instead. My call was dropped. I called back and started out again from scratch. Got back in touch with the technical help department for Samsung Mobile, told them what happened, and had them transfer me to a “Level 3” technician. They left me on hold for 1.5 hours. I finally hung up.

I’m shaking my head, but will be back at it tomorrow.

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