Brad Portrait

Are you looking for a great site that gets finished on time and stays within budget?

I am a freelance web developer who specializes in producing modern, dynamic web sites.  I love solving complex problems that make things work in specific ways.  My goals are to create sites that are beautiful, easy to use and run smoothly.   To do this, I listen to your needs and help guide you to a site that reflects your business philosophically, competitively and personally.

Your clients should come away from your website with a positive experience, rather than with a feeling of frustration.

The internet is in constant motion.  Just when it seems like you have finally mastered one concept, something new has come along.  This is why being a problem solver is so beneficial to this profession.  You can never settle down, you have to constantly be striving to learn new skills.  You need to be aware of what your tools are and be in constant research mode.

My education is fairly extensive.  I also attend a few SIG groups when I can find the time. My work experience prior to becoming a web developer included managing restaurants to get through college, being a geologist and owning a wine shop.  I’m married and live in San Diego, California.