Paul Lato Wines

Winery Thumb 2This is a WordPress conversion of the winery flash site listed below.  It was designed to integrate with iPad’s and iPhones only, a decision made by the designer and owner.  It uses jQuery to ease the pages in and to display slideshows.

Harrington Studio

Harrington Studio ThumbThis is the blog portion for the Portfolio sites representing Marshall and Lois Harrington.

San Diego Hand SIG

San Diego Hand SIGThis is a community based site that I built for a Hand Therapist special interest group. Not quite live yet but getting close. It’s built with WordPress and has the functionality to show different groups of people different pages. If you are logged in you will see something different than if you are not logged in. There are additional levels that allow viewing ONLY for Board members. Forums have been added, along with a calendar and a contact form.

Richard Loos Associates

Richard Loos AssociatesThis site was largely an application for cascading style sheets, CSS.  It was designed by my sister-in-law, Lois Harrington.  Aside from the CSS, the two interesting applications in this site where the custom scroll bar and the contact form.  Both were canned javascript and PHP solutions that others had created and we adapted.  The contact form has some fairly well done validation.

Star Marine Service

Star Marine ServicesFairly simple, straight forward, website based on HTML and CSS.  We used the same contact form as we did for Richard Loos Associated but styled it differently.  I also spent a little time on SEO issues to help him get listed a little better on Google.


WineryThis was a site that was created 100% in Flash with most of the work completed over 2 years ago.  The winery ended out not being able to use it because they wanted to be accessible by mobile devices.  This site was also designed by Lois Harrington with imaging from Marshall Harrington.  I am not linking it because I don’t have digital rights to show images of this winery.  If you are in need of Flash development, I could privately show you the site.

PHP Exercises

Dynamic PHP with Database IntegrationThis site was based on a series of homework assignments that had us apply PHP funtions to the site and show results of the applications.

PHP Exercises with Database Integration

PHP with Database IntegrationFor this site, we took the previous site and added functionality for database integration.  I built a login section along with database areas for Food & Drink information.  This is set up to allow people to enter information on their favorite stores, restaurants, events, etc., etc.  There is also a wine tasting notes section to the database.

Database Exercise

database with google mapsIn this exercise we were asked to go to a corporate styled site, such as a medical or banking site and look for an application they had, that involved the database, and see if you could improve on it.  I set the database up to have login areas for patients and doctors.  The patients can then use a Google Mapping feature that gives them directions to the doctor of their choice.

Flash with AS3 Video

Flash with AS3 VideoThis site was built for a class that had us build a video player using Actionscript 3.  We needed to build ambient background sound into the file as well.  The trick in this was to figure out a way to start and stop different sounds so that they did not overlap each other.

West Coast Wine Network

West Coast Wine Network WorPress SiteThis is a wine appreciation website.  It has a group of forums that use a commercial forum program application.  This active version of the website is using the WordPress CMS.  It is newly created in this format and is based on this site.  Lots of changes will be coming.  I decided to switch to WordPress for this site after using it for my personal website.  I’m impressed with the ease of use and ability to build your own plugins without a lot of trouble.  I am looking forward to that as there are a number of projects I would love to add to this site.

West Coast Wine Network: Old Version

West Coast Wine Network Joomla SiteThis is the old version of the website that uses the Joomla CMS.   I had redone this site numerous times while trying to keep up with the changes in the Joomla API.  Much like WordPress, the Joomla CMS has recently gone through a fairly radical update, which has disabled many of the previous addon features that you can build into your theme.  Honestly, I found so many glitches and technical difficulties with Joomla that I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to mess with it anymore.  They were workable but I just didn’t feel like they were worth the effort for this site.  The darned Photo Gallery that I have installed on the site is behaving very strangely.  If I had to keep the Joomla site up and running, I would simply change out the gallery for a new one.  I got hit really badly with a redirect malware earlier in the year.  That took me awhile to clean up.  Bottom line is the problems with this CMS were taking up too much of my time and I love the simplicity of the WordPress CMS.  It also fits what the site is trying to do very well.