Looking for an entry level, assistant, position doing front end web development. Will consider internship.


Proficient in various web design programs including Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, PhotoShop, Illustrator and others.  Object oriented programming skills in XHTML, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, jQuery and AJAX.  Experience with database integration programs including MySQL Workbench and phpMyAdmin.  Some Linux, Apache server maintenance experience.  Communicate well with customers and web designers.


These are websites that I have worked on over the past two years.  Four of these sites involved working with a meticulous graphic designer who has a style that is a constant moving target.  Many site implementations came after numerous efforts involving multiple technologies until she decided what she liked.

Richard Loos Associates
This site is HTML/CSS based. It uses a dropdown menu system, custom scrolling and a contact form with some extensive validation requirements.  Designed by Lois Harrington,, I coded the site to completion.  I used spry to build the dropdown menu, Flexcroll for the custom scrollbar and secure PHP Form Mailer developed by Dagon Design.August 2009
Paul Lato Wines
This is a Flash Actionscript 3 based site.  A timeline site that uses AS3 to apply embedded SWF files, easing, linking and object manipulations.  Designed by Lois Harrington,,  with Photography by Marshall Harrington,  Currently in production awaiting content update.  Live site will be:  I also built some jQuery Cycle based background slideshows for some of the pages and image preloaders to help the pages load faster.July 2011: Still waiting for copy from the owner to finish site.
Star Marine Service
This site is HTML/CSS based with some SEO issues and the same redesigned contact form that I used for the Richard Loos site. Lois Harrington designed the site. She did the original HTML build and then passed it to me to fix some errors, build a contact form and add some image preloaders.  Keyword analysis of the business was done to help his search listing.  Resulted in first page Google listing for his main keywords.March 2011
Stine Poole Furniture
This site is HTML5/CSS3 and jQuery based. Lois Harrington designed the site and began the original HTML. I was brought in to convert the site to HTML5, add embedded sound files and slideshows. The embedded sound files use Javascript to manipulate DOM elements during and after playback. I used the jQuery Cycle plugin to build the slideshows.February 2012: March.
This is a WordPress site. It has member access controls that allow different groups to have access to their own unique content. It has forum installed, along with a calendar that has Google map locations integrated. Lots of features that organizations could use. July 2012: March.
West Coast Wine Network
This is a WordPress conversion from on older Joomla based site. The Joomla site is still visible in the CMS directory. This site has been in existence since 1995. It is what got me into web development. It had always been an HTML based site with forum software installed. I’ve used a number of forum modules over the years but finally settled on a module called UBB.Threads because it’s a commercial product that is not widely used and doesn’t get hacked as often. About two years ago, I started porting the site over to Joomla. After a year and a half I decided I was concerned about upgrade problems I was having with both the plugins and the core code and decided to switch over to WordPress. After installing it on this site, I decided to use it for my personal site as well.Ongoing personal site: Joomla Portion ended July 2011, when the switch to WordPress was made.
Brad Harrington:
Web Developer
This site is new, I finally got around to giving it the proper overhaul it needed. It is a WordPress site that has a ton of customization. JQuery and CSS animations, header injections and some angular JavaScript that I am currently working on. Abundant CSS style revisions.

I have owned my own server since 1997.  Started out with a Berkeley Unix Apache server and recently switched it over to Linux.  I have gained a small amount of ability to work with my server.


Wine Sales, Varietals Wine Merchants, Owner, 1997 – 2008

Hydrogeologist, Aqui-Ver, 1996

Teaching Assistant, Geology 101, San Diego State University, 1995 – 1996

Geologist/Geo-Technician, Various Geotechnical Companies, 1982 – 1994


Palomar College San Marcos, CA
Web Development 2009 – 2011
Classes Include: PHP/MySQL, Javascript, AJAX, Flash Animation, Flash Actionscript 3, SQL, Advanced Web Applications with Database Integration, Web Page Layout with Joomla, Online eCommerce Store Design GPA: 4.0

Mira Costa College Oceanside, CA
Web Development Spring 2011
Advanced Dynamic Websites with PHP with Database Integration: GPA: 4.0

San Diego Continuing Education North City Campus, San Diego, CA
Web Development 2008 – Current
Classes Include: Adobe Program Applications in Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Illustrator, PHP/MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Apache Server Maintenance, SEO, Cascading Style Sheets, Design Essentials, CMS, ASP.NET, HTML5 with CSS3

San Diego State University San Diego, CA
Hydrogeology, Post Graduate Work, 1993-1997
GPA: 3.3

University of California at Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, CA
Earth Sciences, Bachelor of Science, 1978 – 1981
GPA: 3.0

References Supplied on Request