Brad HarringtonI am a consulting web developer that works with object oriented programming involving XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, AJAX and Actionscript 3.  I’m also proficient in the use and manipulation of Joomla and WordPress CMS systems.

If you need help in building a website from scratch or just maintaining and modifying your current site, give me a call.

If you are a web designer that has grown tired of coding your own sites and would rather spend your time pursuing your core talents, give me a call.  I love to work with designers.

Prior to web development, I worked as a geologist for over a decade and then owned a wine shop for a number of years.  I started my own website in 1995 and have been using all the Adobe products since they were introduced back in the Macromedia days.

I have some portfolio pieces, listed in the links above, along with a copy of my online resume.

There is a contact form link above, as well. You could call and leave me a message if you like.

I am currently enrolled in an ASP.Net course and an HTML 5 course.  Trying to fill in gaps and keep current.